The SAT Course

Start your SAT preparation right with this Introductory course.   This course assists student progress and encourages engagement during the preparation of the cognitive analytical reading, and advanced grammar comprehension contained on the College Board University preparation assessment exam: the SAT.  This online Introductory SAT course is unique and allows for a focused intensive academic engagement from start to finish that differs from other online SAT courses in the following ways:

·24-hour site navigation assistance

·Online Testing with immediate score feedback

·Full access to Prerecorded video lessons and lesson materials

·Full access to online SAT preparatory material

·Monitored Online progress management with Online monitoring by a qualified Online tutor

·Enables instructors to access participants and alter course objectives based on individual needs

·Enables all O-Ls (Online Learners) to consistently view material in one universal format

·Provides a more secure and robust way for course progression to be assessed

This Online Introductory SAT course facilitates the instructor's ability to monitor participant academic progression and identify un-engaged participants.  The results from monitored activities will allow the SAT instructor to notify all concerned parties of possible weaknesses in SAT Preparation concepts and strategies.