Mr. Quick's Introduction Course Levels 10 and 11 Summary

Mr. Quick's Class Introduction & High School Grammar Review

Welcome to Mr. Quick's Introduction Levels 10 and 11 course!

This Online course is designed for the purpose of monitoring student progress and engagement during the Introduction to cognitive analytical reading and basic grammar comprehension.The course is unique and differs from other courses in the following ways:

·full access to introductory reading material and grammar concepts

·material can be accessed over all platforms, Operating Systems, and devices with web access

·enables instructors to access participants and alter course objectives

·enables all O-Ls (Online Learners) to consistently view material in one universal format

·provides a more secure way for participant's progression to be assessed

This course allows for a focused intensive academic engagement during the O-L's online experience.This course facilitates the instructor's ability to monitor participant academic progression and identify unengaged participants.The results from this monitored activity will allow instructors to notify all concerned parties of possible weaknesses in basic literature analysis and grammatical concepts.